Happiness is only real when shared

A new research has found that reality doesn’t exist until it’s measured, at least for very small things.

It proves that measurement is everything because at the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.

They did it by replicating a famous experiment where an object is given a choice for how to behave, and the object doesn’t actually make its decision until it is seen.

Would you think this could be applied to large things as a tree for example?

How do you prove that a tree exists? You can tell me you saw it, but and if you can’t look at or touch it or use a camera to register its existence? It’s not possible.

Both things are not scientific related but can be both discussed within the same concept, that we can discuss our existence and that we are only real when we sharing something or are connected.

The same for happiness, nobody is happy when lonely.

The story of Christopher McCandless exemplifies it very well, on his search for the meaning of life throughout the United States he finally understood that happiness is only real when shared.

Small good things together make a life full of it. A smile, a hug, shopping together, sharing feelings. Small contributions for something big: a happy life.

The same applies for something new you invent or create, you transform an idea into something real only if you share it. You need to convince everyone that what you are inventing will make their lives better, easier. So it becomes popular and the demand for your invention will increase and you will be able to produce it on a larger scale.

Sharing is the key for success.

Microsoft might have understood this. Its future is open source, they open-sourced their loved Microsoft .NET Framework, joined opensource communities.

The most stereotyped company for non-sharing behavior is changing.

We all should do the same. If you write some code for fun or for a non confidential purpose, share it. Put it on GitHub. You will see how strong the community is and can help you improve what you have created.

Even if you are creating something new that will make you the richest person ever, try to share small bits, libraries you created, small portions of code that will help the world to become a better place to live develop software.

Otherwise you won’t exist, because you wouldn’t be being measured.


You can read more about the quoted experiment here: http://goo.gl/Z1GTnS


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