Kanban based personal manager

Once upon a time there was no cloud storage so I used to manage my #todo list on Microsoft Excel and send it to my email after working on it during the day. So I could download it at home and keep doing wherever I had to do. It was painful, but at least I could have a centralised place for all the stuff that had to be done.

After while I create a Excel plugin in C# which allowed me to send it to my email on a button click. It was awesome – but I was still depending on down/uploading from/to my email.

I also tried the amazing online spreadsheet creator Google Docs, but the lack of features as conditional colours and formatting styles made me get back to the desktop-based Excel.

A decade later I have a full cloud-based list, shared through all my devices and that also can be shared with other people, and the best: for free – perks of living on the 21st century.

Even if you don’t know what Kanban is it does not mean you are not already using it.

“Kanban can mean a visual process-management system that tells what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce”

As you can see in the image below it’s quite simple, on this example you have a backlog column with all the stuff that needs/could be done, a to do column with all the things that are selected to be done, a column for things you are working on and finally one with the things you have done.

You can have a visual with everything you have to do, you can also prioritise the items, define deadlines, assign it to other people, add descriptions and additional data to ease the completion of the task, add labels for filtering afterwards, and also create additional columns for different states, such as “blocked”, “waiting delivery”.

Software developers like me that are used to work on a Agile environment will go further by being able to define when a task is a epic. A epic is a large task that can be split into small pieces, so you can create another board specifically for an epic and create tasks for it and track the progress on this task.

If you liked the idea, give a try, you will see that by doing that you will have a huge boost on your productivity. There are many tools in the market that do that, the one I’ve been using is Trello, if you want to have a look check this link:


(if you use this link to register I will get premium features for one month, thanks!)


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