Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 was created by James H. Higgins in 2087, it is so big that is difficult to understand. It’s the physical world we know developed on a virtual reality system. Old people say it’s like having Google Earth on your face, new people can’t live without it.

Earth became a horrible, gray place. There were plans to find another planet and we even found one, but that was too far from here. So we invented something virtual, humanity’s future is not in another planet, is here.

Since the creation of Earth 2.0 people don’t need to worry about any of the most primitives humans actions like walking, eating, sleeping, even thinking.

Neurotransmitters can read what you are thinking and now you can use apps for chatting with people just by thinking. We finally invented the telepathy! The most difficult thing in telepathic conversations is being good at sending messages to other people without sending thoughts that we don’t want to share. So lying is really hard on telepathic conversations. These new apps allow you to filter out non-shareable thoughts before sending, and you don’t need to write anything on a keyboard. Talking is old school now.

As going out is too dangerous nowadays, since the last big war humanity can’t breath outside, you can rent a place on a human storage near your home. They will connect your mind to Earth 2.0 and your body will be on induced coma. These human storages popularly called “the freezers” provide everything you need, intravenous food and breathable air, you won’t need your physical body any more. And you can pay for the rent with virtual money inside Earth 2.0.

The last decades have changed the human body. We managed to replace parts of our body with robotic, super powerful parts. People could change the colour of their eyes everyday before going to work. We didn’t have the need of sleeping anymore since scientists discovered it was actually a faulty part of our brain that was turning the whole body off to rest a little bit.

While navigating on Earth 2.0 you don’t need to make decisions. Every decision you should have to take will be processed automatically by a software that is smart enough to know your preferences.

Earth 2.0 is a new universe manipulated by super intelligent computers, you can walk around on a brand-new VR world, you can go to other cities, countries, planets just by taking super fast capsules. Everything looks so great on this new world, unlimited space and possibilities.

Physics laws don`t apply on Earth 2.0, you can fly as gravity is optional and you can manipulate space and time as much as you need and you can even choose which dimension you want to live.

We invented something that is infinite.

They say, Earth 3.0 will have a new feature, you will be able to upload your mind and won`t need a body anymore. You will be able to live forever.



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